Diary in English7/21

My co-workers threw a farewell party for me. I am spending my paid holidays at home and going to quit my job the end of August for the purpose of studying and working abroad. Im going to the UK this September. I was happy to see some people who quit our company before I left. I appreciated them going out of their way to see me. We enjoyed good food including pasta, pizza, roast beef etc.
They gave me some gifts; a great photo album which is filled with all kinds of memories with my co-workers and boss, beautiful flower printed chopsticks and an incense stand! I liked them! 







Diary in English7/22

I went on a short trip to Tottori prefecture with my co-workers. We visited the Tottori sand dunes. It is a famous place in Tottori. We took off our shoes and walked on the sand dunes barefoot. It felt good. Then we saw a beautiful sunset view. The landscape of sand, sea, and the sunset was great. That became a wonderful memory for me! 






Diary in English7/23


I ate out with my friends. We visited a Korean restaurant and enjoyed samgyeopsal. (It is Korean barbeque) 
Then we made a schedule for our trip to Europe. Before I go to the UK, we will travel Europe. We wanted to visit Italy and Spain, but we gave it up because we are traveling on a tight budget. We chose Spain at last. I cant wait to go there!







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